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The purpose of Cancer Free Lifestyle is to make it easier and faster for you to learn about current research on preventing and fighting cancer through lifestyle changes. There is a lot of promising research out there showing that many, if not most, cancers can be prevented. Not enough people are aware of this research and the word needs to get out!

The focus is on:

  • nutrition: cleaning up our eating with cancer fight foods
  • mental wellness: clearing our minds of stress-induced toxins
  • exercise: giving our immune system a boost by moving our bodies
  • toxins: avoiding and replacing common toxins in our households

Hey there ūüôā I‚Äôm Erin.

I started Cancer Free Lifestyle because I learned about the impact of lifestyle changes on cancer a little too late… after my¬†dad died of prostate cancer. Now my mom has cancer.¬†I want to help my mom fight cancer by any means possible, and this website is dedicated to her and my dad.¬†I personally never want to experience cancer, and I do not want any more of my loved ones to either. I‚Äôm going to guess you feel the same. I am dedicated to doing everything I can to get the word out about the research supporting what we can do to prevent and fight cancer, in addition to conventional medicine. I also want to make this less overwhelming so that we can easily implement these changes into our lives.

I have a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering where I learned how to find, interpret, and summarize medical research. My nutritional, health, and wellness knowledge is based on research-backed studies, books, subject matter experts, and experience. Since I am not a doctor, dietician, or counselor, I rely on the interpretation of this research through respected experts in the field of nutrition/lifestyle and cancer such as Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and Dr. Dean Ornish.

It is up to you to decide how to use this information and what you think best fits your life and medical needs. This information is not intended to replace the medical guidance from your healthcare provider. I have a huge appreciation for modern medicine.


Here are a few things I believe:


  • As a society, we are encouraged to rely a little too heavily on popping a pill to solve a problem, rather than addressing the underlying issue or preventing the problem in the first place
  • Our bodies have huge healing potential if we keep them healthy and eat the right foods.
  • We should be advocates for our own health and not be afraid to present research to our doctors and ask questions. Doctor’s are learning every day¬†just like the rest of us. For example, many doctors were provided with very limited nutritional education medical school.
  • We should prevent and fight disease from every angle including nutrition, mental health, exercise, avoiding¬†environmental toxins, and modern medicine.


To wrap up, here is how cancer has touched my life, ultimately inspiring this website:


About a year or so after my dad died, I found a note from him buried away in one of my old journals. He had written it to me and my brother at some point after my parents got divorced. I actually did not remember the letter at all. It contains two pages of advice for his kids.


Helping other people and leading by example is what gives me purpose in life, and I continue to be guided by these words from my dad. It is incredible to watch how dramatically people can change their lives with the right information and good support. To me, being advocates for our own health and happiness is what makes life worth living.

Sitting next to my dad while his life slowly faded away was the most devastating and enlightening times in my life. It showed me the fragility of life, the imperfections of modern medicine, the importance of raw human connection, and how we must treasure our bodies and everything we put into it. My dad was sure his prostate cancer was a direct result of his eating and his high level of stress from his recent divorce (not my mom). After extensive reading into the subject, I think he may have been right. If only I knew what I know now… but we learn from our experiences right?

My mom now has myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer. There is a particular word that starts with an ‚ÄúF‚ÄĚ that sums up how I feel about that.¬†When the disease started to pick up steam, I became obsessed with the research around¬†how lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and mental wellness¬†can help fight and prevent cancer. My mom has started making big changes to her eating and is learning meditation and yoga. It may be too late to reverse the disease, but we want to get her mind and¬†body in the best shape possible so that her body is fighting right alongside her conventional treatment.

Cancer is becoming an epidemic and it is now a known fact that many cancers can be prevented. I am committed to helping educate myself, my family, my friends, you, and your loved ones about how to put our bodies and minds in the best condition to prevent and fight this disease.


With Love and Support,