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We have a 1 in 3 chance of developing cancer in our lifetime. 

Think it’s up to genetics and nothing we can do?

Think again.

“More than 50% of [cancer] cases could be prevented based on current knowledge”

– Director of International Agency for Research on Cancer

Everywhere we turn there is one more thing that causes cancer or a “miracle cure” for cancer.

It is overwhelming and often it is easier to ignore it and hope for the best.

Our goal is to.. 

Make it less overwhelming by providing high-level summaries on research around lifestyle changes to prevent and fight cancer.

Provide tips, strategies, and tools to make it easier to implement these changes.

Bring together a community of people committed to preventing and fighting cancer, and supporting each other along the way!

Let’s get you up to speed..

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Cancer really sucks. Those of us who have experienced cancer either personally or through a loved one know firsthand how hopeless, helpless, and desperate it makes you feel. It leaves us thinking…

“There must be something else I can do?”

there is!

In addition to conventional medicine, we should be focusing on making our body and mind as healthy as possible to fight and prevent the disease.

This is not just a nice thought. It is supported by research. 

Request a blog post!

What is your biggest challenge around healthy lifestyle change? I am actively working on adding helpful information to my blog and will either answer your question directly via email or I will add it to my topics to address with a blog post. Yes, I’m serious! I’m here to help make cancer prevention a little easier.

Hey there :) Are you committed to this?

If so, I will treat you like my friends and family and send you what I learn, as I learn it. Sounds good?

Great! We will keep you updated.